Home Security – Lighting

Home Security Lighting is an extremely effective deterrent to would be-burglars, and when combined with the right alarm system, can keep break-in attempts to a minimum.

  • Home Security Lighting – deterrent against crime
  • Automatically controlling lights is the key
  • Detector activated lighting is environmentally friendly
  • Professional security lighting solution is more than just a ‘courtesy’ product
  • Useful addition to perimeter security can be
    exterior lighting
  • Deter petty crimes and vandalism
  • Home Security Lighting can be beneficial when
    installed on the approach to a door or garage
  • Manual photo electric timed & motion activated systems
  • Improved picture quality for CCTV cameras
  • Work with a security company you can trust

Modern systems can combine external lighting sensors with audible alerts, and can be connected to a C.C.T.V. system which can then automatically record activity around your property in your absence

Whatever your safety or security requirements we can provide low voltage movement detectors and controllers that are capable of simultaneously triggering not only floodlights or infrared illumination control, but also activating individual CCTV cameras, DVR’s, pagers and other alarm warning devices.

Controllers offer individual zone management; complemented by flexible features including internal sounders, automatic timers.

The most common form of lighting is passive infra-red which is activated when someone moves into its line of vision. A passive infra-red unit can activate single or multiple lights and can be programmed to stay on for a set amount of time not only lighting up if someone approaches your house, but also when you approach your front or garage door.

Whatever your choice of lighting you can be assured that the electrical installations comply to all relevant British Standards and Codes of Practice. Ace Security & Electrical Ltd is an approved NICEIC installer.

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