Home Security – Access Control

  • Quickly and easily turn unwanted callers away
    without having to do it face to face
  • Provides extra security by not having to open the door
  • Ideal if you are in another part of the house
  • Will help you deal with bogus callers
  • Elderly or disabled do not have to answer the door
  • Perfect if you are busy with children or have just
    got out of the bath
  • Weatherproof external audio or video unit
  • GSM Systems allow you to be contacted
    anywhere in the world
  • Specialists in Home Security Systems
  • Audio and Video Systems
  • Protecting people and property for 30 years
  • Design Installation and Maintenance
Audio/Video Intercom Systems

Our audio/video intercom systems offer the perfect, modern day solution for door entry security and any disability or accessibility issues for answering and opening the door.

We fit discreet wall mounted units outside the front door and install a phone or touch panel inside your property – when the phone rings you can speak to the person at the door.

Speech Only System

A basic intercom consists of an external speech unit combined with a press button wired to an internal telephone handset. This enables the occupier to have a two-way conversation with the caller without having to open the front door.

For disabled customers we have integrated the external speech unit with the domestic telephone system so that the occupier only has to use the one telephone handset.

Who is at the Door?

How well do you or your family deal with persistent door to door salesmen? Could they be bogus callers waiting for an opportunity to trick their way into your home and steal?

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