Commercial Security Lighting

  • LED Lighting
  • LED Lighting saves energy and money
  • LED Pole top lighting
  • Ornate Lamposts
  • Industrial Areas
  • Smart Control
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Car Parks

Security Lighting can be a significant deterrent for burglars who certainly do not want to be seen. It could be used to illuminate the front of the building when staff could be at their most vulnerable leaving the building for the company car park or alternatively entering the building early in the morning. This lighting combined with an Ace Security & Electrical Ltd CCTV system could help with the Health and Safety Risk to staff.

Our security lighting projects have extended to the illumination of parking areas via lighting columns and perimeter fencing.

Thieves feel more confident if they can work under cover of darkness.

External security lighting may be used to deter intruders by increasing a sense of exposure and to increase the probability of being seen and detected.

Some outside lights have movement or infra red sensors that switch the light on for a short time when it detects something in its range. Other systems incorporate independent sensors sited strategically around the site that will trigger lighting if movement is detected in particular areas. This movement could also trigger CCTV surveillance or an external perimeter intruder alarm system.

All our detectors incorporate a photocell, which will inhibit light operation during daylight lighting conditions.

LEDS are revolutionizing the energy efficiency of lighting. They are also infinitely scalable, extremely reliable, and have a much longer lifetime than almost all other types of lighting.

Whether you prefer regular lighting or external lamps that automatically illuminate and respond to outside movement, they are an effective way of providing you with a sense of security and can also help you find your door keys rather than fumbling around in the darkness.

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