Commercial Security Fibre Optic Transmission

  • Longer Cable Distances
  • Multiple Cameras on one core
  • Higher Quality Pictures
  • Better Reliability
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • High Speed Data Transmission for both Access Control CCTV Systems and Perimeter Systems
  • Gigabit Transmission
  • Multiple Protocols
  • Data Security & Safety

Many see Fibre Optic as an expensive option for Security System data/video transmission, however, when you start to look into it, fibre optic transmission is often a far better option for a number of reasons. This is probably the most prominent reason for most specifiers choosing fibre, as your transmission option can be maintained over far greater distances than copper cable will achieve.

Realistically, copper CAT5 cabling is only effective up to around 90m / 300ft, beyond which the picture becomes unusable. Fibre optic transmission can be extended to distances of 60km or more, making this the premium choice for sites where distant cameras are required on the network.

Because of the significantly improved bandwidth available with fibre optic cables, the ability to connect far more devices into the feed is another major benefit.

On systems where just one or two devices are currently in use, specifying fibre optic means the user can upgrade the system at a later date to support additional cameras without the hassle and expense of upgrading the infrastructure.

As fibre optic cables support a higher bandwidth and a faster data transfer speed, CCTV pictures can achieve a significantly higher resolution than that which is possible using coaxial or copper cabling. Added to this, fibre optic is non conductive and completely immune to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference therefore the picture can be relied upon to maintain its integrity no matter what is occurring in the neighbouring environment. In addition, the system designer will have far greater flexibility of where to lay the cables and could even integrate them with telephone lines without any interference being caused.

Many users and system designers presume that fibre optic cabling will be more expensive, but actually if you consider the whole life costing then it can work out similar or even better than other alternatives. Furthermore, a system designed with fibre is future proofed in a number of ways. As well as the ability of the user to upgrade the system to support additional devices.

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