Commercial Security – Access Control

Ace Security & Electrical Ltd access control can be supplied and installed to suit all manner of budgets. A single door solution in, perhaps, a School or a multi door, multi floor system controlling an entire workforce can be accommodated.

  • ID Badging
  • Multi site networking
  • Proximity Systems token or card
  • Biometric technologies iris, fingerprint,
    face, voice
  • Smart cards
  • Video Entry
  • Audio Entry
  • Vehicle Barriers & Bollards
  • Gate Automation
  • Multi and Single door applications
  • Vehicle Access ANPR Systems
    (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Improved work place safety for both visitors & staff

Access Control Security. The cutting edge technology within every installation delivers unprecedented levels of system intelligence.

Entering and leaving a building, whether a hospital, bank, large store, school, airport or office block, was once something staff and visitors alike did without a second thought.

Today’s new technology gives you great advantages when it comes to controlling foot traffic. Ace Security & Electrical’s access control and visitor management systems are designed to control access for employees, contractors and visitors to sites of all sizes in all environments.

Utilising multiple technologies such as swipe cards, proximity tokens, PIN entry keypads and sophisticated biometric devices, systems can be designed around existing hardware to provide an effective solution for a single site, or multiple sites across an estate. Multiple sites can be managed over existing computer network.

ANPR is a versatile and vital facility both as an additional mode of access control and as a general security/safety audit tool. Number plates can be read, logged and database archived for search/retrieval and audit purposes in conjunction with CCTV, as well as acting as event triggers to open barriers, signal security alerts etc.

Benefits Include:

Savings on main entrance security staff

Time & Attendance collating hours on site worked for payroll integration

Control staff & visitor movements through a building

Multiple sites managed over existing computer networks

Smart card technology integrating into vending photo copying etc.

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